Private Baseball Lessons: Pitching Instruction

Effective defense begins with effective pitching. Develop your ability and become one of your team’s biggest defensive assets with baseball pitching lessons from America’s Pastime Sports in Albuquerque.

Our Approach to Pitching Instruction

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No matter what age or pitching ability level you are, all pitchers need the proper mechanics to get the most speed and best accuracy without tipping off batters. To that end, at America’s Pastime Sports, we focus on three fundamentals for baseball pitching instruction:

  • Keep your weight back
  • Keep your front side closed
  • Stay on top of the ball

While our instructors work with baseball players to perfect technique and expand their pitching repertoire, they do not try to change a pitcher’s mechanics too much. Our coaches allow players to maintain habits and movements that may not be “textbook” but that are not interfering with long-term pitching success either.

Typically, our pitching instructors do not teach baseball breaking balls (e.g., curveball, cutter, slider) until players are at least 13 years old. However, each player’s physical readiness will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and in conjunction with the player’s parents.

Baseball Pitching Instruction for All Levels

The instructors at America’s Pastime Sports have experience working with developing pitchers of all ages. We tailor private lessons to accommodate their ability and pitching experience. We can help youth players with pitching fundamentals and adolescent/high school players expand their repertoire of breaking balls and increase pitch speed.

All players need to bring to private baseball pitching lessons is their own glove. Instructors will help with warm-ups and then proceed with personalized instruction.

Pitching Instruction Beyond Mechanics

Effective pitching requires more than getting a ball across the plate. Pitchers need to know what pitch to throw to each batter and know how to keep the focus on the one pitch they are about to throw. The pitching instructors at America’s Pastime Sports help baseball players strategize their pitching and sharpen their mental focus to provide well-rounded instruction.

Hire a Private Baseball Pitching Instructor

Learn to pitch or learn to become a more competitive pitcher with the help of the baseball instructors at America’s Pastime Sports. Private pitching lessons give you the one-on-one attention you need to take your ability to the next level.

Schedule your baseball pitching lessons today. Sign up for one of our individual membership packages and get discounted rates on private lessons.

For questions about our pitching instruction or for directions to our facility in northeast Albuquerque, please contact us.

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