Quality Baseball & Softball Lessons in Albuquerque

Did you know that America’s Pastime Sports is more than “just” Albuquerque’s premier indoor batting cages? We don’t just provide the space to help baseball and softball players develop their skills; we offer quality baseball and softball instruction, too!

Lessons for Baseball and Softball Players

Lessons Quality Baseball & Softball Lessons in AlbuquerqueAmerica’s Pastime Sports provides baseball/softball instruction for all aspects of the game. We offer private lessons and group/team lessons to help players develop:

Baseball/softball instruction at America’s Pastime Sports deals with more than just the physical skills. In baseball/softball lessons, our coaches cover all aspects of the individual skill area—mechanics plus philosophy, strategy and mental preparation.

Our baseball/softball instruction is tailored to each player’s age and ability level, and our instructors can help athletes develop a training plan so that they can continue their baseball/softball instruction independently in our batting cages or on the field.

Lessons for Baseball and Softball Coaches

At America’s Pastime Sports, our mission is to help baseball and softball grow in Albuquerque, and that means more than helping players develop their ability. It means helping coaches be more effective, too. So we offer multiple clinics throughout the year to assist pitching staff and youth coaches. To learn more about upcoming events, please contact us.

Lessons by Experienced Baseball and Softball Coaches

All baseball/softball instruction at America’s Pastime Sports is given by knowledgeable coaches who have experience playing and coaching athletes of various ages. Our coaches know appropriate ages to begin introducing new skills and/or more advanced techniques and how to present the information in ways effective for youth, high school, college or developing professional players. We have a dedicated softball instruction staff, so lessons are sensitive to the ways softball departs from baseball.

Begin Your Baseball and Softball Instruction Today

It’s easy to start your baseball/softball lessons at America’s Pastime Sports. Call us at 505.227.8880 to schedule and pay for your private lesson or team training session! If you would like to know more about our instructors or who may be best suited to work on your desired skills (e.g. hitting, pitching, fielding, etc.), please contact us.

Take your ability to the next level with quality baseball and softball instruction at America’s Pastime Sports! Call 505.227.8880 for more information!

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