The Best Indoor Softball Batting Cages in Albuquerque

America’s Pastime Sports is the best softball training venue in Albuquerque bar none. We provide state-of-the-art facilities and quality softball instruction to deliver the best batting cage experience possible.

Brand New Indoor Softball Training Facility

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The indoor softball batting cages at America’s Pastime Sports are located in our brand new 8,000 sq. ft. facility in northeast Albuquerque. In addition to softball batting cages, our facility also has a pro shop where you can get the softball gear you need.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

America’s Pastime Sports has three automated indoor softball batting cages equipped with the most technologically advanced pitching machines. These machines have four pitching speeds to accommodate slow- and fast-pitch softball players. Our non-machine softball batting cages have top-of-the-line tees with the best stability and most height flexibility available. Our pitching machines use real softballs rather than dimpled practice balls, which can damage composite/alloy bats.

Superior Softball Instruction

At America’s Pastime Sports, we prioritize the training needs of softball players, and that shows in our coaching staff. Our head softball instructor is a former UNM softball team coach. His experience and expertise allows us to deliver superior instruction specific to the game of softball and softball players’ needs rather than instruction based on transferring baseball skills.

All Softball Players Welcome

Softball players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to develop their skills at America’s Pastime Sports. Our equipment allows us to accommodate youth athletes (ages 6 to 12) all the way up to collegiate and developing professional athletes. Our softball instructors have experience working with various age levels and tailor private and group lessons to suit participants’ abilities.

Sign up for an individual membership for discounted indoor softball batting cage rental, or reserve one or more hitting tunnels for a full indoor softball practice. Call us at 505.227.8880 to block out your softball batting cage date and time. For directions or questions, please contact us.

America’s Pastime Sports provides the best indoor softball batting cage experience! Call 505.227.8880 for more information!

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