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As Albuquerque’s premier indoor baseball and softball facility, America’s Pastime Sports provides a superior batting cage experience at competitive rental rates.

Individual Batting Cage Rental Rates

America’s Pastime Sports provides individual players reasonable rates for batting cage rental. “By the hour” prices are as follows:

  • 15-minute sessions for $15
  • 30-minute sessions for $25
  • 60-minute sessions for $50

Players may also rent batting tunnels without a pitching machine. These tunnels come equipped with screens, balls and tees. (We use the top-of-the-line G Tee for best stability and maximum adjustability.)

Non-machine batting cage rental is included in the cost for any private baseball or softball lessons. You can select your instructor, schedule and pay for lessons online or in the store.

Team Batting Cage Rental Packages

All team batting cage rentals at America’s Pastime Sports include the basics necessary for batting practice:

  • 70’ hitting tunnel (without pitching machine), which may be split in half
  • Balls
  • Tees
  • Screens

We provide a number of cost-saving team batting cage rental options:

Single Team Rental Package

Teams may rent just the basics for a flat hourly rate. Options include:

1 session




$45/hr ($270)

Savings: $ 30


$40/hr ($480)

Savings: $120

Home Run Rental

In addition to the basics, teams may get one batting cage with pitching machine and access to all Agility Circuit workout equipment. Teams may also save by purchasing multiple sessions:

1 session




$75/hr ($450)

Savings: $ 30


$70/hr ($840)

Savings: $120

Additional 70’ tunnel (without pitching machine) may be added to the Home Run Rental package for $50.

Grand Slam Rental

Our Grand Slam batting cage rental package makes visiting teams feel right at home! This package provides the basics plus:

  • One hitting tunnel with pitching machine
  • Team Banner
  • 12 one-hour batting cage rentals
  • 5% merchandise discount for each player
  • 10% discount on all lessons for each player

An additional 70’ tunnel (without pitching machine) may be added for $50.

Grand Slam Rental is $100/player.

Make Your Batting Cage Rental Reservations

America’s Pastime Sports makes it easy to work hitting and pitching practice into your schedule. Drop in to our northeast Albuquerque facility for by the hour batting cage rental or reserve hitting tunnels for you or a group. Our schedule and pay online service allows visiting teams to book practice space at Albuquerque’s premier indoor baseball and softball facility before they even leave their home town!

If you have questions or need directions, please contact us.

Rent batting cages at Albuquerque’s premier indoor baseball and softball training facility for you or a group!

Shaping tomorrow’s youth with America’s past at America’s Pastime Sports!