State-of-the-Art Indoor Pitching Machines & Training Equipment

91084938 300x200 State of the Art Indoor Pitching Machines & Training EquipmentAmerica’s Pastime Sports prides itself on being Albuquerque’s premier indoor baseball and softball training facility. That’s why we provide the best hitting training equipment available.

Automated Batting Cage Equipment

America’s Pastime Sports has three automated indoor batting cages, each equipped with the most advanced pitching machine—the Ultimate Trainer 3000. This state-of-the-art equipment delivers:

A Consistent Quality Pitch

The Ultimate Trainer has an internal computer that monitors wheel speed so that pitches are within 0.1 mph of the selected (programmed) speed. Advanced computer monitoring also allows this equipment to automatically adjust motor RPMs to ensure a consistent pitch speed regardless of temperature fluctuations and normal wear and tear.

A Range of Pitching Speeds

Our automated batting cages can be used for baseball or softball batting practice because the indoor pitching machine has four pre-set speed selections for both. Pitching speeds range from approximately 40 mph to 70 mph (or above), providing an adequate speed for a range of age and ability levels.

Adjustable Pitching Heights

The Ultimate Trainer allows batters to adjust the pitch higher or lower to accommodate varying batter/strike zone heights. Pressing the “Up” or “Down” button changes the pitch height by eight inches, and the machine recognizes three positions above and three positions below the pre-set height for a total of four feet adjustment capacity.

Improved Pitch Visibility

The indoor pitching machine we use was redesigned to include a viewing slot that allows batters to see the entire pitch delivery. Increased visibility helps batters to anticipate delivery and work on swing timing.

Unlike many other automated batting cages that use dimpled balls that can damage composite/alloy bats, America’s Pastime Sports only uses regulation baseballs and softballs.

Non-Machine Batting Cage Equipment

Players working on hitting mechanics without an indoor pitching machine still work on top-of-the-line equipment, including the G Tee. The G Tee is built of durable materials and provides excellent stability. This tee may be adjusted from 22″ to 53″ to accommodate varying batters’ heights.

Make Us Your State-of-the-Art Training Facility

America’s Pastime Sports has the equipment and experienced instructors to help players of all ages and ability levels develop their skills. We offer individual membership packages and team batting cage rental packages, and you can schedule and pay for your hitting instruction at 505.227.8880.

Contact us with your questions or for directions to our northeast Albuquerque location, just north of the intersection of San Mateo and Alameda.

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