About America’s Pastime Sports in Albuquerque

The town where the Rockies cultivate the next generation of major league stars is the ideal place for a state-of-the-art baseball and softball training facility. America’s Pastime Sports was created to provide—top-of-the line training facilities and instruction for baseball and softball players interested in taking their ability to the next level.

About the Facility and Equipment

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America’s Pastime Sports is located just north of the San Mateo & Alameda intersection in northeast Albuquerque. We have 8,000 sq. ft. of indoor batting cages available for rent by token/number of pitches or by time (half hour or hour increments) for individuals and teams.

Unlike many indoor batting facilities that are built inside of warehouse structures, making them feel like sunless dungeons, America’s Pastime Sports was built for indoor baseball/softball training. The facility has skylights lining the ceiling to provide natural light in addition to the ample overhead lighting. Along with higher ceilings, the openness and light allow you to see the ball in conditions closer to those you experience on-field.

America’s Pastime Sports offers more than typical indoor batting cages. Our facility includes state-of-the-art pitching machines that deliver REAL regulation baseballs and softballs in a range speeds, including:




  • 40 mph – 70 mph
  • Slow-pitch
  • Fast-pitch 40 mph – 60 mph

Two of our indoor batting cages (70′ tunnels) can be split in half to accommodate more batters or combined to create a larger space for defensive skill drills. America’s Pastime Sports is ideal venue to run an efficient team practice because up to 10 players may be active at one time.

About Baseball & Softball Instruction

America’s Pastime Sports offers more than the most advanced baseball and softball training facility. We provide the highest quality baseball and softball instruction, too. Players can sign up for one-on-one instruction, or they may take team/group lessons. Coaches can also attend clinics to help them develop their pitching staff or become more effective youth coaches.

Our staff is made up of knowledgeable instructors who have experience playing and coaching at various levels. We tailor instruction to players’ ages and ability levels from youth/little league (about six years old) all the way up to professional development.

We’re All About You

America’s Pastime Sports is all about helping you take your ability to the next level. Contact us to schedule individual instruction or team practice. Get discounted rates for individual batting cage rental with our membership packages.

We’re serious about baseball/softball skill development.
Visit America’s Pastime Sports or contact us at 505.227.8880 to take your ability to the next level!

Shaping today’s youth with America’s past at America’s Pastime Sports!